Common errors that may impact on your jump test results are outlined below: 

Error message displayed on screen:
An error message will show on screen when the user jumps too early. 

During the Jump test, the FitQuest counts down from 5 to 0. During that time the platform measures the clients weight which is used to calculate lower body strength. If a client jumps before 0, then an error message may appear. This can be avoided by waiting until after the countdown reaches 0, before performing a singular jump with maximum effort.  

Jump Technique:
Many users will use their arms to create momentum which increases jump height and is the incorrect technique. Tucking the knees into the body during the jump test rather than straight legged will have no affect on the users score and is also the incorrect technique.

FitQuest uses the counter-movement jump with your hands on your hips, which allows for a more accurate and consistent measurement of lower body strength and explosive power. With your hands on your hips there is no momentum from the upper body to aid the jump.

The data used to formulate results based on peer group is done using this technique so following this will give the most accurate and repeatable results.