Common errors that might impact on you heart rate recovery (HRR) result are outlined below:

Not grabbing hold of the handles immediately after the step test:
Users must grab hold of the hands immediately after the step test has finished when the machine tells them to. If they do not follow this instruction, then the heart rate recovery test may be void. 

Grabbing the handles too tight:
When holding the handles, ensure that this is done so with a gentle grip and not too tight. If you squeeze hard on the handles, the heart rate recovery measurement may not be detected. 

Speaking during the test:
When performing the heart rate recovery test avoid speaking to anybody. Speaking elevates the heart rate and will negatively affect your score. Instead, relax and focus on your breathing pattern, taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly.

Unable to measure users heart rate:
On the rare occasion, a user's heart rate may not be detected. This could be due to several reasons:
- Squeezing the handles too tightly.
- Product on hands.
- Hands touching the top or bottom of the handles and not making the correct contact needed.
- Letting go of the handles too early.
- Wearing gloves or other material/clothing covering the hands.