Via the Site Administrator dashboard on FQScore, the reports and analytics from FitQuest enable operators to monitor the usage of their machines.

Statistics Signups: View FitQuest usage reports and analytics
                           Total visits- Total tests done in that time period
                           Signups- Number of new users
                           Returning- Number of returning users
                           Anonymous- Number of users that didn't register their email

Manage PTs: Add, remove and view PTs authorised to use PT Login

Statistics PT: View report and analytics of PT Login sessions

                  Assists- The total number of PT LOGIN sessions done by that PT. (Completed tests only)
                  Repeated Assists- Members that have already done a PT LOGIN session with that PT before
                  Inducts- The number of times a PT is giving new members a PT LOGIN session for their first time                    

Statistics FQindex: View FQindex distribution report and analytics