Consistency is a key factor to increasing the accuracy and repeat-ability of the fitness test measurement. Following the same regime for every measurement will reduce the effect of external factors which can influence your results. Outlined below are tips to get the best results:

  • Measure every 3-4 weeks - You do not need to test every week as your fitness takes longer to adapt to training. 
  • Ensure your body is fully rested/recovered - You want to perform the fitness test to your optimal level and with maximum effort. Therefore to get an accurate account of your current fitness levels, your body needs to be rested and not fatigued. 
  • Test pre workout - To ensure your body is rested/recovered, carry out the fitness test prior to any training. Exercise fatigues the body and will have a negative impact on your results. A mild warm up can be carried out prior to the fitness test to get the body ready for the test. 
  • Be consistent with your footwear - If you test wearing sports shoes on your first test, then ensure you test in the future wearing sports shoes. Similarly if you test barefoot, then test barefoot in the future. Switching between barefoot and footwear may affect how you carry out each specific fitness test and will therefore reduce the accuracy of your results. 
  • Wear suitable clothing - Wear clothing that will not restrict your movement and ability to perform the tests at maximum effort.
  • Follow the instructions on-screen - Each fitness test has been specifically designed using scientific research and the database of results collated using the exact test procedures/techniques shown on-screen. 

Find out more about each measurement, including tips to get the best results, using the links below...

§  Balance - motor sensory control

§  Press Ups - upper body strength and endurance

§  Jump - lower body strength and explosive muscle power

§  Step - speed ability and endurance

§  Heart Rate Recovery - cardiovascular fitness

Be patient with your progress. Every individuals body reacts to exercise in different ways and progresses/regresses at different rates. We advise that you seek professional guidance and advice on the intensity and frequency of your training to help reach your goals and improve your overall fitness.