You can perform several import tasks and look up information on the FitQuest via the FitQuest service panel. To access the service panel:

1. Press and hold the FitQuest logo on the bottom right hand side of the screen as shown below. A keypad will be displayed.


2. Enter your service panel access code.

3.The service panel menu is displayed.

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Actions available from the Service Panel include:

  1. Volume control - Adjust audio volume of the kiosk
  2. Reboot Kiosk - Restart the kiosk
  3. Shutdown Kiosk - Shutdown the kiosk
  4. Restart App - Restart the FitQuest application, without fully restarting the computer.
  5. Information - View information on kiosk and status (kiosk ID, software versions) 
  6. Devices - Check peripheral device functionality (card readers, barcode scanners, etc.)
  7. Network/WiFi - View internet connectivity and manage network connections
  8. Data Management- Kiosk data management (research use only)
  9. Re-Print - Print another copy of the last printed report (where enabled only).
  10. Service Desktop- Access service desktop (administrators only)